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Who Pays for What?
Item Typical Cost Who Pays!
Commission 7% of Purchase Price Seller
Appraisal $400-$450 Buyer
Credit Report $65 per Borrower Buyer
Inspection Fee $350 +/- Visit Buyer
Underwriting Fee $xx-$xxxx Buyer
Closing Protection Letter $25 & $50 Seller & Buyer
Origination Fee $999 Buyer
Processing Fee $xxx Buyer
Flood Certification $16 Buyer
Tax Service Fee $87 Buyer
Closing Fee $425 Negotiable
Lender Title Insurance Policy $195 Buyer
Owner Title Insurance Policy $300-$2000 Seller
Recording Fee $75-$150 Buyer
Survey $175 Buyer
Tax Escrow 1-3 Months Buyer
Insurance Escrow 1-3 Months Buyer
Tax Proration Approx 1 Year Seller
Home Warranty $588 Negotiable
Termite $75 VA Seller/FHA Negotiable
Courier/Wire Fees $25-50 Both
Liz Marks-Strauss

F.C. Tucker Company
10404 Olio Rd
Fishers, IN 46404