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Liz Marks-Strauss

Please make sure to write down any improvements or major repairs that have been done to the home, with dates/costs and leave it for the appraiser to see.
Make note if this home had a lot of showings immediately and had multiple offers.
If you know the reasons why a home in your neighborhood sold for a much lower price that is potentially going to be a comparable for your home then make sure you make them aware of it. (divorce, relocating for a job and needed to move quick, condition of the home was poor, etc.)
Make sure all attic accesses are clear and easily accessible (cars out of the garage if stairs pull down, nothing under the scuttle access in a closet access).  Appraisers will not move items to get to the access.
Make sure crawl space accesses are clear and accessible.  They cannot be nailed shut or under a deck.
Make sure all appliances that are being left per the purchase agreement are working and plugged in.
Make sure utilities are on - appraisers will not turn on any valves.
Make sure the water heater is on.
Make sure any well and septic are visible.  If not, please mark them in the yard with either a flag or spray paint.