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Liz Marks-Strauss
A practical look at preparing home seller's for the inconveniences of selling a home in today's market.
KNOCK, KNOCK...  A potential buyer(s) could show up uninvited and knock on your front door.  They could approach you in your yard.  For safety reasons, DO NOT LET THEM IN!  Please tell them to call my number on the sign.  I need to make sure that they are legimate buyers and that they are qualified to buy your home.
A SHOWING RIGHT NOW?  Don't panic if you receive a phone call from Showing Time and they ask if your home may be shown right now.  This might happen and it is normal in the Real Estate Industry.  If it is not good timing for the home to be shown.  But remember, it only takes one showing to produce your buyer, and the one you turn down could have been your buyer.
THEY LEFT MY LIGHTS ON!. Many realtors are trained to leave the house as they found it, so if the lights were on when they arrived, they will leave them on.  To avoid this from happening, please leave a note out that says," Please turn off all lights and lock the doors.
I'M LOCKED OUT!.  Most of us access our homes by coming in through the garage door.  A buyer or Realtor• with good intentions could lock you out by securing the lock leading tot he garage.  Please tape a note on the door to that garage that says "Please do not lock this door."
MY HOME IS NOT BEING SHOWN.  Today's market reacts very spradically.  Your home could be shown right away when we list it for sale.  Or, it might not be shown for two to three weeks.  There is no rhyme or reason for this.
HOW DID THE SHOWING GO?  After your property is shown by an agen, we automatically email the showing agent up to three times requesting feedback.  If they do not respond to these attempts, we will assume there is no interest.  The feedback you receive is a true account of what the agent tells me.
CRITICISMS. You know what they say about opinions...  When we receive feedback from prospective buyers and their agents, sometimes their comments are empty and remarks are made about things that are beyond our control.  If we receive foolish comments, please take them with a grain of salt.