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Liz Marks-Strauss
This funky Downtown neighborhood is an easy walk to Monument Circle and Mass Ave, where residents can find plenty to do. St. Joseph neighbors have a strong sense of community, gathering often in local coffee shops, restaurants and bars. The area boasts converted warehouses, Civil War-era cottages, a commercial building of early 1860s construction and a significant collection of row house buildings. New-construction condominiums and recently-renovated apartments are also options.
Located just a few blocks to the northeast of monument circle and the heart of downtown Indianapolis, St. Joseph historic district is urban living at its best.  This neighborhood was established during the boom of the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century (1855-1930).  City streets and sidewalks are bursting with unique architecture that ranges from large captivating brick structures to quaint cottages. 

Like other historic areas in Indianapolis, St. Joseph has seen a tremendous amount of rehabilitation in the last 20 years.   Homes, retail establishments, surrounding structures and green-spaces have been refurbished and refreshed, proving this a notable and desired area to reside.  St. Joseph place has everything one needs for on-the-go living.  All within walking distance you have gift shops, unique dining, hair stylists, clothing tailors, dry cleaning.

St. Joseph historic district is bound by I-65, Central Ave., Ft. Wayne Ave. and Pennsylvania Street.  Ft. Wayne Avenue runs parallel to the famous Massechusets Ave. (Mass. Ave.) which is significant because both streets run at an angle.  Alexander Ralston’s 1821 plan for Indianapolis created diagonal streets radiating from the center of Ralston's Mile Square. The diagonal streets of Indianapolis are known for their odd, flatiron-shaped buildings that give flair and a unique identity to the city.  City planners later found diagonal streets meant headaches and traffic jams, so many were eliminated by demolition.   Ft. Wayne Avenue is one of only a few surviving diagonal streets in the city.  

For the complete downtown experience, turn to St. Joseph historic district, fix your eyes on large trees amid the sidewalks or follow the creeping ivy to the tips of red brick buildings.  You can stand in front of houses with iron and picket fences or step out of bustling metropolis condos - two steps from the street.  It truly is downtown Indianapolis and urban living at its best.