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After the your offer is accepted and prior to closing, I will


For purchases where a lender is involved, the appraisal is ordered by the lender.  The appraisal must meet the purchase price of the home for the lender to agree to finance the purchase.  Appraisals are a subjective opinion of the market value of the property and, thus, can sometimes come in lower than the purchase price of the property.

The inspection process is designed to help the Buyer understand the condition of the home they are purchasing.  I always recommend that a Buyer get a home inspection.  The inspection is ordered by the Buyer and paid for at the time of the inspections.  An inspector will look for safety issues, major repair items and maintenance items.  Once the inspection is complete, we will work together to determine if we want the Seller to make repairs to the home before the purchase moves forward.

Homeowners will need to apply for homeowner's insurance.  They should be prepared to provide the BLC sheet to their insurance agent.  Flood insurance can be costly, so it is important for a Buyer to know if flood insurance will be required.

Final Walkthrough
The final walkthrough is an opportunity for the Buyer to ensure that all repairs have been made and that the Sellers have left the home in "broom swept" condition.  Buyers should also make sure that all appliances that the Sellers agreed to leave are in the home.

Refer you to Tucker's Home Services - an exclusive service for Tucker customers - which will offer you the services of a personal service coordinator.
Assist in obtaining a homeowners' insurance policy.
Coordinate possession details and final utility readings.
Help you arrange for any necessary inspections of the property in order to evaluate the major elements of the home and review the report with you.
Assist you in determining the appropriate financing and help you select the best financial instituions to obtain your mortgage.
Inform you of the amount that your wire transfer will need to be at the time of closing.  Most banks require ten days for any deposit to clear before they will issue a wire transfer.
Assist you in obtaining a Power of Attorney if needed.