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What you can do to improve your credit score
This information is copyrighted by the Fannie Mae Foundation and is used with permission of the Fannie Mae Foundation. 
Obtain free credit report from and check for any errors. discuss with lender BEFORE making  any corrections or paying off anything if within 12 months of buying.
Pay down credit card bills.  If possible, pay off the entire balance every month.  Transferring credit card debt from one card to another could lower your score.
Don't charge your credit cards to the maximum limit.
Don't order items on credit such as appliances and furniture until the day after you close on your new home.
Don't open new credit card accounts before applying for a mortgage.  Too much available credit can lower your score.
Shop for mortgage rates all at once.  Too many credit applications can lower your score.
Avoid finance companies.  Even if you pay the loan on time, the interest rate is high and it will probably be considered a sign of poor credit management.
Credit scores, along with your overall income and debt, are big factors in determining whether you'll qualify for a loan and what your loan terms will be.  So, keep your credit score high by doing the following: